Magpie Have a Teaser Film

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The network of the web opens up the possibilities of covert surveillance using webcams. Resulting in an invasion of people’s privacy, wiretapping into people’s once secret lives.

To represent the way web cams can be used for spying we have created a short film


New Additions To Surveillance Wall

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We have included some new captured images to the Privacy Wall\grid

Surveillance, Privacy, Web Cam

Video Grid/Wall

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This is how the Video Grid currently looks

Surveillance wall

Teaser Trailer Voice Over

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Short Script for teaser trailer

Sent to Voice Actor on Tuesday 23rd

“The disclosure of private information online has made feasible, the collection of your most intimate details and desires. ”

“However, a more sinister and threatening development has evolved, unquestioned.”

“Observations are now taken place in your most secret and private spaces.”

“To be constantly aware of people’s actions, thoughts, dreams, ideas and deceptions is now a reality.”

“The formulation of a complete understanding of the human psyche will enable its  control and manipulation.”

The Making of Magpie

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Draft Outline Of Concept

With the prevalence of computer hardware in all homes, mobile internet access in all cafes, bars and streets it is possible to observe peoples actions whilst online and the actions of the persons in the surrounding areas through the cameras on all devices. In this way we are capable of witnessing and recording all online actions as well as the actions carried out in the environs of the device. It is then possible to study the differences between people’s online personas and their real life.

We have installed software on all people’s computers who are Online. This little piece of code has enabled us to research people’s actions for the betterment of society. The research work has been ongoing over a couple of years and will continue.

Examples of what has been observed will interest you and make you more aware of the possibilities this research has to offer. We have now the capabilities for constant awareness of people’s actions, thoughts, dreams, ideas and deceptions. We can get to formulate a more robust understanding of the human psyche.

Unlockd Productions

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